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Superet - “Pink House” (Live Video Performance)
Director - Matt Blitzer
DOP, Edit, Color & Titles - Alex Spaulding Blair

Holly Blair - “Where You Are” (Music Video)
Director - Alex Spaulding Blair & Holly Blair
Edit - Alex Spaulding Blair & Holly Blair
DOP, Color & Titles - Alex Spaulding Blair

Deep End Sessions - House Concert Series
Director - David Bunn
DOP & Audio - Stephen Schauer
Edit, Color & Cam Op - Alex Spaulding Blair

Over the past several years I have been a dedicated member of Deep End Sessions. The working lemon farm sits beneath Ventura County hills and welcomes old-time and traditional roots musicians to play small shows in their acoustic friendly living room. I originally joined the crew in 2014 as a camera operator and later began to assist David Bunn with the editing and became the colorist in 2017.

"Here’s some home-made acoustic music in the old-time tradition, recorded in the living room of a California farm house we call “the lodge.” Built in 1908, the old wooden walls, beamed celling and old rugs of the living room seem to have some rather wonderful sonic characteristics. We think you will agree.

Just north of Los Angeles, at Deep End Ranch in the middle of a lemon farm, we’re gathering a collection of old-time music from some of the finest musicians today in the tradition.

The old-time music presented here isn’t your parent’s version of the genre, exactly. While it’s practitioners are fully steeped in the tradition and conscious of being keepers of the flame, they offer new arrangements of traditional tunes, new contexts for rare and authentic tunes, and their own compositions in keeping with tradition stretching back into 18th and 19th century America. These musicians are part of a contextual shift acknowledging that this music not only comes from a rural base, but now finds itself squarely in the middle of urban popular culture as well."

- David Bunn, Director (Deep End Sessions)

Ari Benjamin Meyers - Kunthalle for Music
Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara
DOP, Edit & Color - Alex Spaulding Blair

Alex Spaulding Blair

Alex Spaulding Blair is a artist based in Santa Barbara, California. He primarily works with photo, film and sound.

Work & Commissions:
Print and edition details available upon request.

alex blair studio is a commercial outlet focusing on the documentation of art, architecture, industrial production, and music.

Clients & Publications:
COOL HUNTING, Design Milk, Discommon Goods, Forbes, Gagosian Gallery, HOLLY HUNT, Los Angeles Times, Metropolis Magazine, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, Neal Feay Company, Noble Audio, & Wallpaper* Magazine.

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